Hinkebein Home Lot Cover Variance

Case: PZ-2020-00183 V; PZ-2020-00196 V
The applicant seeks the following development standards variance approval: Docket No. PZ-2020-00183 V UDO Section 3.64.C.3: Max. 45% lot cover allowed, 49.9% proposed. Docket No. PZ-2020-00195 V UDO Section 5.78.J: Window wells cannot project more than 24” into a required yard, 46” projection proposed. The site is located at 510 2nd Ave NE (CW Weidler’s Addition Lot 34). It is zoned R3/Residence and Old Town Overlay, Character Subarea. Filed by John Hefton of Old Town Design Group.

PLEASE NOTE: City Hall is closed to the public.

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   The meeting will be audio recorded and minutes taken by the BZA Secretary.

   The recording of this meeting will be available via Laserfiche.

All documents submitted for each petition can be viewed in their docket folder in Laserfiche


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