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Teacher's Credit Union - Façade and Site Improvements

Case: PZ-2021-0002 ADLS Amend
The applicant seeks design approval for the renovation of the existing Steak N’ Shake restaurant into a new credit union. This site is 1.11 acres and is located at 635 E. Carmel Drive. It is zoned B-8 and is not located within any overlay zone. Filed by Sarah Freymuth of The Redmond Company on behalf of Teacher’s Credit Union.

  • City Hall at this time is closed to the public. This is due to the increasing cases from COVID-19.
  • Please submit your written comments about the petitions for Feb. 2 Committee Meetings to [email protected] by 2/1/21. Your comments will be forwarded to each Plan Commission member and made part of the Docket.
  • Both virtual meetings will be livestreamed on and the City of Carmel Residential Committee Facebook page & City of Carmel Commercial Committee Facebook page
  • The meetings will be audio recorded and minutes taken by the Plan Commission Secretary.
  • The recordings will be available via Laserfiche.


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