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146th Street and Monon Townhomes

Case: PZ-2020-00221 DP/ADLS
The applicant seeks development plan and site & architectural design approval for 15 townhome lots on 1.26 acres. The site is located at the southwest corner of 146th St. and Rolling Hill Dr. It is zoned 146th and Monon PUD/Planned Unit Development (Z-654-20). Filed by Jim Shinaver and Jon Dobosiewicz of Nelson and Frankenberger on behalf of Estridge Development Management, LLC.

  • City Hall at this time is closed to the public
  • Please submit any comments about the petitions below to [email protected] by 3/1/21. Your comments will be forwarded to each Plan Commission member and made part of the docket.
  • This virtual meeting will be livestreamed on and the City of Carmel Residential Committee Facebook page
  • The meeting will be audio recorded and minutes taken by the Plan Commission Secretary
  • The recordings will be available via Laserfiche


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All files submitted for this DP/ADLS proposal can be viewed in Laserfiche 

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